Mobile and Wireless Development

With a presence in the four largest mobile markets in the world—the United States, China, Japan and India— our mobile development teams can give you more reach than ever before. Your customers and employees can expect to access applications wherever they work, travel or play. We can help you master the clutter of different standards and handset models by developing as well as testing and porting your mobile solutions. Besides specializing in mobile application development, our mobile teams are experienced in system level projects such as stack development and security.

Mobile Application Development
To meet the rapidly expanding demand for wireless games and other applications requires proficiency in a broad assortment of mobile programming languages and development platforms, including J2ME, BREW, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Symbian and Palm. We have specialized teams that span all major mobile technologies. We can put you on the fast track to optimizing applications for specific wireless devices and platforms

—without compromising quality or taxing your internal resources. We specialize in porting existing and new applications and games to multiple platforms.
Our mobile and wireless experts work closely with you to rapidly accelerate the successful deployment of your development projects and your return on investment.  Our portfolio in the Mobile Showcase demonstrates the diversity of our mobile and wireless executions. Most noteably, our development and migration solution for the MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook on Symbian, Microsoft SmartPhone and J2ME has earned numerous international awards.

Porting & Testing
A lack of device standardization and the explosive growth of individual carriers makes porting games and other applications to mobile devices increasingly difficult. With our rigorous, quick-turnaround porting and testing services, we can help you maximize the value of mobile games and applications, while freeing your IT staff to focus on developing new products. We maintain CDMA and GSM porting and testing labs and are fluent in a broad range of mobile platforms, including Microsoft Windows Mobile, Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, J2ME, C++/BREW, Symbian and Palm. We work closely with you from project inception through certification by the platform vendor. Our services also include localizing mobile applications for the Asian markets. To view examples in our portfolio, contact us today at or 618-315-4202.