All companies in today’s global economy face great challenges, from competitive threats, to product launch barriers and shifts in market trends. Even the strongest companies will not prosper without a robust business model, sound investment plan, and the right balance of global capability and regional adaptation.

Our partners, contacts & friends throughout Asia & The Middle East are available to provide all levels of support for your global growth strategy; from basic consultation, CQ Training, to fully supported Market Entry Strategy development & Implementation.  We want to help you at any or all stages in your Asia & Middle East Growth Cycle.

Ask about our services to provide the following:

–          Market Assessment
–          Acquisition and Join Ventures
–          Competitive Assessment
–          Asia Sourcing Services
–          Asia Market Entry Services
–          Distribution Management
–          Relationship Mapping
–          Product Strategy Map

Specialties and expertise in the following:

* Custom manufacturing and solutions in Asia
* Starting and directing new and existing business ventures in Asia
* USA / Asia relationship management
* New and creative product development
* Innovative packaging engineering
* USA retail sales and distribution
* Improving product lines thru artistic design, new applications, value-added features and upgrades

We can also do custom training seminars on market and cultural understandings to equip your team in engaging with each country.  Cross Cultural (CQ) is often more important than IQ and even EQ when working cross-culturally.