Let us update your database with current information from various websites. Our team of young people in Haiti can search the web for any needed information and provide updated information for your company.

Data Entry & Data Purification Strategies for Companies

  • Do you have a repetitive process that needs to be done daily or weekly?
  • Do you have a data entry/mining/refresh project that is important but labor intensive?
  • Do you have an employee who feels s/he is wasting time on something basic?

Companies need to free up their team to utilize their talent, skills, and expertise to add the most value to a business.  Manual and Data Entry processes stunt the full capacity of a team to be efficient and optimized.  Free up your team by leveraging the availability and process detail skills of our team in Haiti that can take the repetitive and manual efforts from your team to free them to fully leverage their skills.

Contact us to discuss your needs.  Free consultation info@compassglobalconsulting.com

“As a manufacturer/supplier in a niche market, gaining access to a quality source of customer information is extremely difficult.  With the support of Compass Global, we have been able to update our customer relationship systems with extremely valuable up-to-date information about our clients.  What would have been a very daunting project to complete on our own has been transitioned into an ongoing data refresh project which will have tremendous benefits.  We also appreciate the impact that Compass Global is having through our partnership in developing countries.”  Jeffrey W. Sussenbach, IT Director, DeMoulin Bros. and Co. 

“Compass Global and their team in Haiti have provided the perfect outsourcing opportunity for our startup. They have been prompt and diligent in our daily projects updating WordPress blogs to assist us in our SEO efforts. We also enjoy knowing that this will be a long term relationship, as we look for ways to expand our working relationship.”   Doug DeVries, Co-Founder and CEO of RealLaunch

“Our company has a national sales force all over North America, and we needed to provide them with names and contact information for prospective distributors, contractors, and consumers. It was a burden on our internal teams to try and provide this information regularly, but with the partnership with Compass Global we gained access to thousands of new companies. We highly recommend this service and have been very happy with this trusted partnership.”   Kyle Smith, Dealer Solutions and Sales Support Administrator at Enertech Global

“I had a need to update our database of contact information, and the only way to find and validate the names and contact information was to manually search each website…  This is not a good use of my team’s time.  Working with the Compass Global Team I was able to get current names and contact information for hundreds of potential customers at a low cost.  I was thrilled to have a low cost option to get this critical information for my business.  And the fact that it helps support ministry in SE Asia is a great plus!  I highly recommend this service and to work with the Compass Global Team!”   Peter Samuelson, Founder and President of LRAP Association


Data Mining Process

Vision:   To provide dignity, empowerment, opportunity and enhanced computer skills for the young people of Haiti that are “aging out” of orphanages.

Values:  Honesty, Integrity, Excellence and a profound respect for every individual


Our vision has been shaped from 20+ years of living & traveling the world in ministry and business roles, and we have recently been impacted by the content of these videos which summarizes well our desire to be apart of the solution to poverty.  www.povertyinc.org & www.povertycure.org