Executive Asia Exposure Tours

India Trip PDF TBD

Haiti Trip-Compass Global May 2018

ChinaTrip-CompassGlobal January 2019

United Arab Emirates Trip-Compass Global January 2020

Scott McFarlane is on the board of the Global Business Leadership Center, and he leads the trips to Asia for the Center.  For more information about our annual trips with Adult MBA students or if you are interested in our customized, periodic trips specifically with executives to multiple countries in Asia or the Middle East, please contact us at info@comassglobalconsulting.com or at 618-315-4202.

Understanding the impact of globalization on our world and knowing how to capitalize on the global economy are required of a business leader or business student today. Talking with global leaders, seeing firsthand the impacts of culture, political systems and economic systems on global business and understanding how to apply that knowledge in a business environment are invaluable in developing global business acumen.

Seeing transformation happen in a business context is necessary for persons preparing for a global leadership role. The center will prepare global leaders to be transformational leaders by strengthening their understanding of social, economic, educational and spiritual issues as seen through various cultural filters. The model below demonstrates the four quadrants that must be affected in order to transform the total person. We do that through two key program area

Asian Exposure Trips

  • Explore Your Faith & Calling
  • Journey with other Christian business leaders to one of these rapidly developing economies.
  • Meet business executives and learn about global business dynamics.
  • See what God is doing though the business-ministry communities in these countries.


“The opportunity to see China with Scott provided me an insightful view of business in Asia and to meet with peers leading small and large businesses from a Kingdom perspective. I highly recommend my fellow CEO’s to experience China with the GBLC.”
Joe Slaughter, CEO of Herff-Jones

“Scott provides a fantastic overview of business in India and specifically exposure to the fast growing IT industry. We also had the opportunity to see God at work in the rural and urban low income communities of India.”
Doug Brown, CEO of Fusion Alliance