Application Development

We use our extensive expertise in high-end Microsoft technologies (including .NET services, SharePoint, BizTalk, SQL Server and other products in the Microsoft e-business platform) – as well as our in-depth knowledge of Java – to create sophisticated solutions that help our customers’ businesses run more efficiently. Our experience encompasses financial and distribution solutions, utility applications, migration software, mobility solutions, corporate portals, and other specialized solutions. Our use of best practices, embodied in our Best Practices Framework, ensures that solutions will be of the highest quality.

Business Solutions- CRM Services
We provide complete implementation services – including requirement analysis, customization, data importing, and integration with existing systems, training, and deployment – for two Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

  • Microsoft CRM, available with both Customer Service and Sales modules, helps companies provide top-quality customer service, make better-informed decisions, and increase sales.
  • CDC Pivotal CRM is a complete CRM platform and application suite designed to be cost-effectively tailored to fit the unique requirements of every enterprise.

Our experience on CRM projects spans over 40 projects totaling more than 70 total years of experience in CRM project implementations worldwide.

Component development
Our developers in China have more than 10 years of experience in component development, working with leading Microsoft technologies and Java. We have developed many of the product components that we sell in Japan, as well as components that we sell on a worldwide basis. With our emphasis on high quality and zero defects, we can help you improve the quality of your products, while also reducing your backlog and freeing up your technical resources.