“Make better decisions with better financial information.”

Do you feel like your accounting team needs to be freed from the repetitive daily tasks to provide higher, more value added services to help you manage your business more effectively?

  • Does your accounting team need some extra help?
  • Do you need certain tasks managed on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule?
  • Do you need hourly, part time, or seasonal help to manage your accounting and tax needs?
  • Do you have some hard financial questions you need answered?

We will work with you to customize a solution to fit your needs and budget.

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We are here to help you with your financial strategy, planning, routine accounting processes, tax or financial analytical services. We can help put your accounting system into a repeatable process, provide that service at a lower cost, and free your finance team to provide higher value added services to you, as you seek to make better decisions with better financial information.


Mylene Lopez-Evangelista, CPA:  Mylene has over 20+ years of CFO and general management experience in various industries, including hospital/medical, telecommunications, air transport services, freight management & logistics, banking sector, real estate, furniture manufacturing and export, the food industry (chain of 8 brands of restaurants, totaling 105 branches.) Mylene has over 4 years of Director experience in consulting and financial advisory services with KPMG International.


Contact us for a free consultation at info@compassglobalconsulting.com or 618-315-4202