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Compass Global has spent over 20 years developing relationships with trusted business partners throughout Asia and the Middle East. Let us introduce you to these best-in-class and cost-effective business partners that will support your growth and business needs in the 21st Century.

Compass Global serves companies seeking to figure out a global strategy for their business needs. We have the experience to help you avoid the pitfalls and challenges in partnering with the right company with the right skills to serve your specific needs.

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Asian Business Exposure Trips

Scott McFarlane leads the trips to Asia & The Middle East to connect and expose leaders to these dynamic regions of the world.  For more information about our customized trips to multiple countries in Asia &/or The Middle East:

Please contact us at info@compassglobalconsulting.com
or at 618-315-4202.

Web Mining Business Profile

Let us update your database with current information from various websites.  Our team of young people around south east Asia & Haiti can search the web for any needed information and provide updated information for your company.  Or manage data entry or other administrative services as needed.

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IT, Web & Software Solutions

Whether you need a simple website with an emphasis on responsive design and UX sophistication, mobile applications web applications or a complex enterprise level web application we can serve you with excellence.  We have expertise in the Microsoft stack, Java, and a broad range of Open Source technologies…  See the long list of services offered and contact us to today for a free consultation.

Market Entry Services in Asia

All companies in today’s global economy face great challenges, from competitive threats to product launch barriers and shifts in market trends. Even the strongest companies will not prosper without a robust business model, sound investment plans, and the right balance of global capability and regional adaptation.